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Cleaning Services

CLEANING SERVICES A-One-Security has grown into one of the most successful, dynamic and professional cleaning companies in London. We offer unparalleled service, reliability and customer service levels that set industry standards. We provide high-quality commercial and home cleaning services to all areas of Central and Greater London, including Home Counties. A-One Security is intended to […]
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Close Protection

CLOSE PROTECTION SERVICES A-One-Security is one of the UK’s leading close-knit protection companies and we understand that for some people close protection is needed. The world is becoming increasingly unstable and more and more people are recognizing their safety and hiring bodyguards for personal protection. This reduces the burden of stress caused by theft, physical […]
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Dog Handling Services

DOG HANDLING SERVICES Our dog handling service supports our operational deployment with the power and capabilities of our dog partners. Professional dog handlers enhance the general safety of the site thanks to an ingenious approach, ensuring the presence of confidence and peace of mind. Our trained utility dogs are very well cared for, with happiness […]
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Traffic Marshal (Banksman)

TRAFFIC MARSHAL SERVICE A-One-Security specializes in providing Traffic Marshal Services for various client projects and sites. With our approach to customer satisfaction and continuous feedback, we can develop procedures around delivering high-quality services to critical customers. The main role of traffic marshals is to ensure the safety of your site and the public’s vehicles and […]
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STEWARDING SERVICES A-One-Security has launched our stewardship and hospitality division to meet demand in the food and beverage industry, a growing economic segment across the county. In the hospitality industry, maintaining a clean and sophisticated image for guests and visitors is essential. We are proud in bringing our staff to a department that is considered […]
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Key Holding

KEY HOLDING SERVICES Key Holding is, simply put, a service that protects and supports business owners and employees. Security companies should securely store duplicate keys at their offices to assist with out-of-hours calls or to be prepared in the event of loss or theft. A-One-Security takes this service to the next level with a 24-hour […]
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Vacant Property Security

VACANT PROPERTY SECURITY Use A-One-Security to secure your Vacant Property today. Our vacant real estate services team will help you secure your buildings and give you assurances that no one can get into them. Emptying properties make them more likely to be targeted by unwanted intruders, such as squatters and vandals. Even seemingly innocent visits […]
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Manned Guarding

MANNED GUARDING Manned Guarding is a very effective way to eliminate damage and crime theft and will be one of the most aggressive security measures you can carry out as a client to fight crime. This is a security service that usually involves entering the premises outside of business hours and in some cases even […]
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Retail Security

RETAIL SECURITY SERVICES Retail Security is a very specific type of service offering. We partner with some of the biggest players in the retail industry. A ONE SECURITY & FM LTD provides security services ranging from standard retailer door-to-door presence to fully managed risk and loss prevention services. All retail teams are supported by a […]
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