Vacant Property Security


Use A-One-Security to secure your Vacant Property today. Our vacant real estate services team will help you secure your buildings and give you assurances that no one can get into them.

Emptying properties make them more likely to be targeted by unwanted intruders, such as squatters and vandals. Even seemingly innocent visits from less unscrupulous people, like urban explorers, can cause property damage and leave owners with unnecessary repair fees.

We believe that it is the owner of the vacant property and that it is the single owner who has access to the property.

Our security team will help protect your property from unwanted visitors. We can help you protect your property from unwanted visitors, both with traditional boarding methods and when you always have security guards on site.

Or by using technical systems such as video surveillance and alarm systems. So you can be confident that we have the right solution for your property.

Protecting the state and therefore protecting the value of your property is central to our vacant property security services. We strive to avoid damage by using best practices and applying the highest standards to give you the conviction that your assets are protected by experts.

So, if you have a site or building that you think may benefit from a Vacant Asset Security Service, don’t hesitate to contact the A-One-Security team today to discuss your security needs. Security of vacant properties.

A-One-Security Provide the following Services, to secure your vacant asset;

Vacant Property Security Doors
Vacant Property Security Screens
Temporary Alarms
Verified Video Alarm
Concrete Barrier Blocks
Property Inspections
Temporary CCTV Solutions
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